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Bike Lights

**Kindly note that the LOCAL PRODUCTS (RSA) category is only available for delivery in South Africa.
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800 Lumen LED Bike Light

$18 Ex Tax: $18

LED Bike Light - 800 Lumen, 2 LEDs, 5 Light Modes, Power Indicator, Charge Indicator, IP65, 1200mAh BatteryKey Features...800 Lumen bike light produces plenty of illumination for your rides and commutes1200mAh battery brings hours of usage time and is easily recharged via USBTough durable and lightweight design made from aluminum alloy5 lighting modes and two quick clip handlebar mounts for easy u..

LED Bike Light

$15 Ex Tax: $15

LED Bike Light - 10W, 450 Lumen, IPX6 Waterproof, 4 Light Modes, 1150mAh, 100m RangeKey Features...10W LED light reaches up to 100mIPX6 waterproof can be used in any weather conditionCompact LED light functions as a bike light or regular flashlight1150mAh battery brings along up to 6 hours of usage timeLED Bike Light Light up the path in front of you and significantly increase your safety on the r..

Wireless Bicycle LED w/ G Sensor

$9 Ex Tax: $9

Wireless Bicycle Rear Brake Light - LED, G-Sensor Wireless rear LED bicycle break light with g-sensor technology is simply to install and ideal for people who forget to turn their bike lights off! This intelligent and wireless rear bicycle break light LED comes equipped with intelligent g-sensor technology, so you wont need any wires to signal this LED break light to flash! The internal g-sensor..

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